'Battle of the Brands' is a Game for Contrasting Brands' Online Presences

 - May 30, 2018
References: battleofthebrands.io & producthunt
In the days before the internet, quantifying consumers' brand awareness was a nebulous process, but today that process is as easy as playing a brand comparison game like 'Battle of the Brands'. The fun, attractive game compares the social media power of brands that players introduce into the game, providing important metrics and doing so through an approachable, gamified interface.

Not only does Battle of the Brands look at the social media clout for its brand comparisons, but it also relies on other online sources. That includes things like mentions on news sites, blogs, and other major publications. The tool then presents its findings with a delightful 80s-style aesthetic, using retro nostalgia to encourage people to think more about the impact that their brand or business should have in the online world.