From VR Graffiti Activations to Life-Saving Print Ads

 - Jun 30, 2018
The June 2018 interactive marketing ideas turn to everything from unexpected partnerships and cutting-edge technology to customization to create highly engaging experiences for consumers of all ages.

To drum up excitement ahead of the release of the newest Star Wars film, LEGO set up an interactive mall campaign that challenges fans to put their block-building skills to the test.

Social media plays an integral part in interactive marketing, especially when it comes to targeting Millennial and Gen Z consumers. Some of the most notable interactive social media campaigns include Burger King Spain's use of Instagram Stories for a burger customization stunt and Snapchat testing augmented reality shopping ads with partners like adidas, King and Clairol. Knowing that consumers are often on the hunt for photo opportunities, Netflix is hosting its 'Because You Watched' installation with this in mind.