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Connected Diaper

Connected diapers for infants offer more easily manageable changings

Trend - Connected diapers (or diaper add-ons) that alert caregivers when newborns require a diaper change are on the rise, prompting easier organization of the child’s schedule, and a better understanding of the general health of the baby being taken care of.

Insight - New parents, particularly Millennial parents, tend to be more open to raising children in a way that’s more progressive than the relatively traditional methods of parenting they were raised on. This can be observed in a variety of areas, whether that’s having children be more in-tune emotionally, having less rigid standards for gender expression, or incorporating technology in the process of raising a child.
Workshop Question - How could your brand appeal to the new ways of thinking that come with generational differences?
4 Featured, 35 Examples:
59,925 Total Clicks
Date Range:
Mar 18 — Jan 20
This Month and Warm
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Featured Examples

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BREATHE|Smart Can be Used for Home and On-the-Go
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Diaper Station-Integrated Backpacks
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The VIANETIC Diaper Backpacks Keep Parents Prepared
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Free-From Baby Diapers
Pampers Pure Diapers Feature No Chlorine Bleaching, Fragrance or Parabens
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Two-Piece Diaper Designs
Slick Diapers Boast a Simplified, Snap-On Shape to Reduce Frustration
High-Tech Keepsake Kits
High-Tech Keepsake Kits
Mom365's Baby's Keepsake Box Helps to Store Treasured Memories
play_circle_filled Healthcare-Navigating Mobile Applications
Healthcare-Navigating Mobile Applications
The Children's Hospital App is Created for Young Parents
Ethical Diaper Subscriptions
Ethical Diaper Subscriptions
The Honest Company's Diapers and Wipes Can Be Purchased in Bundles
Safety-Tech Kids Backpack Designs
Safety-Tech Kids Backpack Designs
Zambit Bags are Equipped with Gps and Bulletproof Technology
Incontinence-Curing Wearables
Incontinence-Curing Wearables
The Triple W 'DFree' Tracks the Bladder Using Ultrasonic Sensors
Healthy Baby Food Planners
Healthy Baby Food Planners
The Nuttri App Helps Parents Find Easy and Nutritious Recipes
Heartbeat-Tracking Cameras
Heartbeat-Tracking Cameras
This Heartbeat Measuring Software Requires No Skin Contact to Work
Voice-Activated Baby Monitors
Voice-Activated Baby Monitors
The 'Lovey's' Baby Monitor Tracks Sleep and Much More
AI Baby Monitors
AI Baby Monitors
Project Nursery's Baby Monitor Integrates the Amazon Alexa Voice Service
Smart Infant Feeder Systems
Smart Infant Feeder Systems
'BlueSmart mia' Tracks and Analyzes a Baby's Eating Habits
play_circle_filled Eco-Friendly Baby Bottles
Eco-Friendly Baby Bottles
The Pura Baby Bottles Feature a Plastic-Free Design That is Recyclable
Exclusive eCommerce Diapers
Exclusive eCommerce Diapers
'Mama Bear' Diapers are Exclusively Available to Amazon Prime Members
Waterproof Reusable Diapers
Waterproof Reusable Diapers
Fig-O-Honey Makes Eco-Friendly Cloth Diapers with Absorbent Inserts
Eco Pulp-Lined Diapers
Eco Pulp-Lined Diapers
Walmart's Parent’s Choice Premium Diaper is Lined with Sustainable Pulp
At-Home Echograph Cameras
At-Home Echograph Cameras
The 'Smart Baby Camera' Lets Parents Peek at Unborn Infants
Charismatic Character Baby Cameras
Charismatic Character Baby Cameras
The 'Strixie' Baby Monitor Has a Functional yet Cheerful Design
Smartphone Infant Attention Toys
Smartphone Infant Attention Toys
The 'Lookalu' Smartphone Accessory Ensures Better Baby Photos
Crying Detection Baby Cameras
Crying Detection Baby Cameras
The 'Lollipop' Camera Keeps You Completely Connected to Infants
Self-Mixing Baby Bottles
Self-Mixing Baby Bottles
The PopYum Baby Bottle Makes It Easy to Mix Powder Formulas on the Go
Virus-Killing Sterilizer Pods
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The 'Ellie' UV Sterilizer Kills 99.9% of Bacteria and Microbes
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Starbucks UK is Making Its Stores More Accessible to Moms with Young Kids
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Self-Heating Baby Bottles
These On-the-Go Baby Bottles Heat Up and Are Completely Disposable