- Dec 15, 2018
You can never go wrong with the gift of shoes, and this list of shoe gift ideas is sure to offer plenty of inspiration that's reflective of a diverse range of personal style.

Lovers of luxury are sure to be drawn to Gucci's red velvet logo loafers, which have been adorned with crystals on the heels, adding timeless appeal. On a similarly luxurious note, those looking for something high-end and unique would appreciate Balenciaga's new rubbery stilettos, which blends high-end fashion with day-to-day wear.

Those who value comfort over everything would be impressed with one of the many footwear options released this past year. This list demonstrates numerous examples of shoes that blend comfort and practicality, like Converse's plaid high-tops, Vans' floral pack collection and Marni's Big Foot sneaker, which was inspired by 80s fashions.

From Croc-Inspired Heels to Floral Running Shoes: