The OB/VS ADPT is Designed for Any and All Seasons

 - Oct 12, 2018
References: digitaltrends
Marketed as the "world's first climate adaptable sneaker system," the OB/VS ADPT is designed to be worn at home, in the snow and cold, or on a hot dusty summer hike. Designed by OB/VS or Obvious Footwear, this new shoe company features a team of designers and athletic footwear experts. All of this expertise was used in designing the OB/VS ADPT which utilizes merino wool and hydrophobic nanomaterials.

The merino wool is used to construct the liner of the OB/VS ADPT and is used primarily for warmth and comfort, essentially creating a compression sock shoe. The outside of the sneaker features the hydrophobic nanomaterials ensuring the shoe is waterproof and highly breathable. The midsole features and angular shape and is made of a proprietary air cooling and self-draining material.

Image Credit: OB/VS