The 'Legit Tag' Protects Consumers from Counterfeit Products

 - Aug 7, 2018
References: sneakercon & engadget
The rise of sneaker culture has led to the creation of many highly coveted limited-edition styles but also plenty of counterfeits—yet there are platforms and sneaker tags that are helping to cut down on fakes and save consumers money.

Sneaker Con, a company that holds conventions for sneakerheads, is now introducing an app where shoe fanatics can buy and sell shoes. The app sets itself apart with NFC tech, as each physical pair of shoes that is purchased comes with a 'Legit Tag' that allows for the sneaker's model name, size, condition and SKU number to be authenticated.

As of now, the NFC tags are attached to sneakers through shoelace holes and require wire cutters for removal. Going forward, a new version will be unveiled that can be snipped with household scissors.