- Feb 24, 2019
The February 2019 fashion trends stem from a wide variety of creative ideas. There are many that bring fond nostalgic memories, some that celebrate cultural influences, and many that highlight sustainability and technicality. This winter brought harsh weather conditions and many fashion constructions delivered durable elements in beautifully informed structures that met both style and function.

Justin Bieber recently launched his own fashion line that is comprised of a series of streetwear silhouettes entitled 'Drew House.' It is accented with a smiley face logo that reads "drew" in place of the mouth and highlights playful elements to nod to the celebrity's personality. Another great fashion-centric concept this month is done by the Dyneema Project. It is a fabrication set that is developed to drive creativity and highlight technicality through fashion. It launched a highly exclusive Tinker Kit that comes with all the necessary materials to create one's own fashion piece using the technical fabric.

From Celebrity-Created Streetwear to Composite Technical Fabric: