- Aug 26, 2017
Architecture is clearly an artistic endeavor — as the inventive August 2017 architecture trends show — but it is a unique form of art when compared to others. Whereas painting, writing, filmmaking, or other purely artistic enterprises are products in and of themselves with little to no material function, architecture needs to excel both aesthetically and functionally. The ever-present push and pull of form versus function is crucial to architectural practice.

The August 2017 architecture trends show up on both sides of the form-function divide. On the former, there are buildings like SAMYN and PARTNERS' fire station design, which is designed as a big circle to increase the efficiency of trucks leaving the terminal. For the latter, 'Splendour' is a fictional city master plan designed to highlight China's cultural significance.

From LEGO-Built Concert Halls to Dump Truck-Inspired Homes: