Casson Mann Recently Adjusted the Natural History Museum's Foyer

 - Jul 24, 2017
References: cassonmann & dezeen
For the past few decades, patrons of the Natural History Museum were greeted by the imposing cast of a dinosaur, however now that studio Casson Mann has revamped the foyer area, they'll be greeted by the massive skeleton of a whale instead.

Unlike the dinosaur cast that took up significant space on the floor, the whale skeleton hangs above the Natural History Museum's information kiosk, which doubles as a bar when night falls. Due to Casson Mann's change, the area has a lot more space available and the impressive ceilings are given more attention due to the whale's ability to attract the attention of all who enter.

Casson Mann's co-founder, Roger Mann, explained the studio's minimal approach by saying, "Over the years, all the different iterations of displays, and information and desks had got a bit ill-considered as a whole, so the starting point was to strip it right back to enjoy the amazing building that it is."