From Dragon-Inspired Eyeshadow Palettes to 3D Masks

 - Dec 9, 2017
These gift ideas for the Game of Thrones fan enable those who've been avidly following the fantasy series to further express their love for it.

As branded apparel is a great way to show where a person's loyalty lies, there's a diverse range of merchandise that's included. Perhaps one of the most unconventional releases is the Hawaiian-inspired GoT apparel that comes from a collaboration between HBO and 40s & Shorties. The resulting collection, dubbed 'Rep the Realm,' is comprised of three different pieces, which boast a casual island style. Due to this, the GoT symbolism is rather subtle, as it's expressed within the simplified imagery that decorates the garments.

Also included is a cheese board that's made up of Medieval weapons, with the wooden cutting board formed into the shape of a shield, and the knives taking the shapes of an ax, a double-sided ax, and a spear. With this theme, the set makes for a great addition to nights in watching the HBO series with friends and family.