Kget Has a Spectacular Balcony Overlooking the Meditteranean

 - Jul 19, 2017
References: archdaily
Built at the top of a seaside cliff, Kget, a family summer home in Ensuès-la-Redonne, France, offers a tremendous vista. The home is designed to maximize the views onto the Mediterranean Sea, with several jutting extensions from the interior and a balcony that provides a wraparound spectrum.

The home was built by 'bonte & migozzi architectes', and the studio took inspiration from the historic stories that are set in the region. In particular, it is inspired by Ulysses and his ship. As such, and because of its status as a cottage, the home is built with bare timber slats. Nestled among pine trees, the timber lends the home a natural quality that keeps it from interfering with the peaceful environment that its inhabitants hope to achieve while there.