The St. Gerlachus Pavilion is on an Historic 17th Estate in Holland

 - Jul 7, 2017
References: dezeen
The St. Gerlachus pavilion is a new addition to an historic Dutch estate, though the pavilion is related to the rest of the buildings on the property in terms of name and proximity alone. The mid-century modern building designed by Dutch firm Mecanoo is architecturally distinct from St. Gerlachus' other buildings, as the estate's structures (including a church, a chateau, and a manor farm) were built in the 17th century and adhere to Renaissance styles.

Aside from the obvious architectural differences between the St. Gerlachus pavilion and the other buildings, it also separates itself chromatically. The walls consist of floor-to-ceiling windows separated by thick golden oak columns, and the roof is also a bright golden shade. This contrasts against the more modest white bricks and terracotta roofs of the historic buildings.