751 creative's Office Marries Vintage Machinery and Minimalist Finishes

 - Jul 5, 2017
References: retaildesignblog.net
751 creative's industrial office space is located in Beijing, China and is the creative work of hyperSity design studio. Measuring 150 square meters in size, this office combines minimalist cork and wood finishes with retro machinery and metal-made storage units. The combination stays true to the office building's original design, one that falls into the category of heritage architecture.

Since the building's heritage status allowed for no major changes, hyperSity kept this old factory's structure in tact, while adding "new railings, doors and windows."

Its white and neutral color palette is generally understated in appearance, with subtle pops of vintage turquoise acting as this workspace's main focal point. 751 creative's updated industrial office will appeal to fans of nostalgic design and seamlessly fuses modern and retro elements together.