'Soupcon Brut' Has Been Renovated to Reflect a Neighboring Estate

 - Jul 26, 2017
References: dezeen
William Tozer Associates' 'Soupcon Brut' sounds like an oxymoron: its a Victorian home with interior design inspired by brutalism. The paradox is real though, as the London-based studio outfitted the interior of the family home to mirror the brutalist estate that is visible through its backyard.

Behind the terrace of the home sits the Abbey Road housing co-op, an estate built in the 60s. The private homes in the area are uniformly Victorian, so Tozer sought to merge the divergent styles as much as possible with Soupcon Brut.

Victorian and brutalism are indeed discrete styles; an architecture masters student might even write a thesis about the bareness of the latter being a direct gesture away from the rigid flourishes of the former. Nonetheless, Soupcon Brut blends them effortlessly.