The Wind Pecker Residential Spaces are Perched on the Stands of Windmills

 - Jul 21, 2017
References: yankodesign
The Wind Pecker residential spaces are a conceptually designed work of art by Goetz Schrader that imagines homes on the stands of wind turbines in order to make the most of previously unused space.

Windmill farms are popping up around the globe, which usually renders an area somewhat unusable afterward given the large amount of space that the wind turbines take up. The Wind Pecker residences, however, are incorporated directly into the standing post and offer ample living space that is powered by the very windmill it is affixed to.

The Wind Pecker residential spaces don't have outdoor spaces like balconies or even windows, but rather have an enhanced ventilation system that draws in fresh, natural air from the exterior for inhabitants to enjoy.