'Swiss House XII' is a Slick Version of Its Neighbors' Architecture

 - Jul 25, 2017
References: archdaily
'Swiss House XII,' a small family home in Preonzo, Switzerland, is nestled into the countryside at the foot of a glacial valley. Though the home makes use of the traditional architecture in its sleepy farming town, it's clearly distinct from its neighbors. It looks like a smoothed over version, eschewing the rugged bricks and dilapidated wood roofs of the other homes in the area in favor of slick walls and aluminum roofing.

Swiss House XII is directly across the road from an uninhabited cottage that starkly represents the progression from past to present. That older home is in the process of crumbling, though its architectural style is still clearly on display. The two homes are thus a testament to both the passage of time and the town's will to remain and flourish.