Street Style

Consumers are looking to street style blogs to find out what real people wear

Implications - The booming popularity of "street style" sites, blogs that include professional or amateur photographs of what real people are wearing as they go about their everyday business, indicates an online niche with a lot of potential. For example, fashion marketers or retailers could build their own street style sites, or feature street style imagery in their stores in order to promote their products.
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Mar 06 - Sep 09
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Tokyo Street Style
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Tokyo Street Style
Tokyo Street Style is a great site for cool hunting the latest fashions on the streets of Tokyo. The site features pictures of hip Tokyo men and women caught on camera. [More]
Street Style Update - Paris & Milan
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Street Style Update
Paris & Milan
Once again we're bringing you to the chicest streets of this world, and this time, it's Paris and Milan during fashion week. Natives of the haute capitals have a natural knack for dressing, but during… [More]
Nerdy 90s Grunge - Copenhagen Street Style Takes a Geeky Step Back in Time
Warm 129,729 Clicks Pub: Apr 20, 09
Nerdy 90s Grunge
Copenhagen Street Style Takes a Geeky Step Back in Time
From plaid jacket to (gasp) black Converse boots, the 90s grunge look is back in full swing in Denmark's capital. Greasy, long, unkempt locks for ladies and the head-to-toe Denim Dan look for gents were… [More]
Street Style Lookbooks - Ctrl Autumn/Winter/2010 Features Informal Photography
Warm 55,434 Clicks Pub: Sep 20, 09
Street Style Lookbooks
Ctrl Autumn/Winter 2009/2010 Features Informal Photography
The Ctrl Autumn/Winter 2009/2010 lookbook takes a page from street style blogs that capture their models in the midst of their daily activities. Each image looks like something that would appear one one… [More]
Beijing Street Style
Warm 42,699 Clicks Pub: Aug 6, 08
Beijing Street Style
What do people wear in China? When it comes to the Beijing Olympics, that's probably one of major wonders fashion conscious people from around the world have. To answer that question -- and ease my own… [More]
Free Street Style Magazine - "Cracker Your Wardrobe"
Warm 22,920 Clicks Pub: Jan 18, 08
Free Street Style Magazine
"Cracker Your Wardrobe"
"Cracker Your Wardrobe" is yet another reminder to us that fashion doesn't always have to be serious and uptight. The street fashion magazine is Korea's first free fashion magazine, highlighting street… [More]