Lindsay Lohan to Design, Model and Promote 6126 Tights

 - Apr 8, 2009
References: thecelebritytruth
After her new venture in self-tanning lotions, Lindsay Lohan is trying her hand at fashion design. Under the label, 6126, LiLo will release her very own hosiery line which will include tights.

Lindsay Lohan’s 6126 tights will no doubt be a huge success when they hit stores in July; after all, she is still one of the most admired teen and young adult fashion icons.

"Tights are another staple, just like leggings," Lohan said.

"For girls that don’t want to wear socks with their leggings, tights are a natural alternative. They are a sexy and a classic staple."

Lohan even designed a pair fit for Cruella de Vil, with one black and one white leg: we’re keeping our eyes peeled!

Although no pictures of Lindsay Lohan’s tights under the 6126 label have hit the web yet, there are plenty of photos of the freckled beauty in other leggings and tights on the web.