Scandalously Edgy Fashion Photography

 - Sep 3, 2008
References: vice.typepad
Fashion has always been about eroticism, but a new generation of fashion photographers are taking it a little farther - into the realm of extreme erotic fashion photography.

I'm not talking about slightly translucent lingerie, or sexy sweaty couples. That's been done and done. So the question arises, what hasn't been done?

Well typically the articles of clothing are at least shown as objects to be worn. But in this new series by photographer Robert Kern, the articles of clothing are used more as implements in a series of devious sexual acts (pun intended). A scarf becomes something to be choked by, a purse becomes a giant vagina, belts, uh..I didn't have the guts to show that one.

So maybe the new fashion axiom is: "it's not how much it is, it's what you do with it."