- Nov 5, 2008
How does Vogue magazine stay on the cutting edge? With the rest of the world’s fashion journalism publications hurting, Vogue is staying afloat, including its regional additions.

US Vogue is probably the most read edition of the iconic high fashion magazine, but those who have perused Vogue Paris, Vogue India, Vogue Germany or Vogue China can vouch that the content is certainly worth the high cover price… if you’re a collector or sartorial addict, that is.

Vogue has proven they know how to keep the spice in their glossies, as illustrated by the covers and ravishing editorials in the slideshow below. The image gallery above features Cindy Crawford in the November edition of Vogue Paris (a good indicator she could be making a modeling comeback, by the way.)

It’s wonderful to be able to collect real issues of Vogue, but in the days of a falling economy, perhaps we’ll begin appreciating the way the web can deliver a quick and cheap fashion fix.

57 Ways Vogue Spices Up Fashion Journalism: