Vogue TV Model.Live

 - Jul 26, 2008
References: vogue & marketingnews.es
If you ever wondered how you could buy clothes that appear on your favourite TV series, now Vogue TV Model.Live is giving you the answer. The series combines the spirit of Big Brother with the fashion world and online buying.

The fashion magazine has launched a new online series depicting the lives of three models that will cover the world's most major catwalks. At any time you will be able to buy the clothes they are wearing with a simple click. Seems pretty cool, no?

To put it another way, think of movies like "The Devil Wears Prada" and "Sex And The City", which to me are like looking at 20 Vogue's in two hours, only we would easily be able to buy what they are wearing.

Needless to say, the models Vogue will follow will be in Paris, London or Hong Kong, but have half of the personality of actresses like Meryl Streep. We will have to see how interesting it really is!

It won't be long to see if this new cross-promotion between Vogue and fashion brands is really working out; it might succeed for countries such as the US that is already used to buying online.

Nonetheless, it's exciting to see new ways of promoting and advertising brands.