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Multisensory Marketing

A desire to connect with consumers has brands targeting different senses

Implications - Seeking to interact with consumers on a deeper level, brands are turning to campaigns that target different senses. Integrating features like touch and smell into their advertisements, brands are using dynamic campaigns to encourage user participation, reflecting a desire for marketing tactics that go above and beyond aesthetic interest.
5 Featured, 44 Examples:
354,804 Total Clicks
Date Range:
Apr 14 — Sep 14
Consumer Insight Topics:

Featured Examples

Interactive Floral Walls
Interactive Floral Walls
Gucci's Infinity of Flowers Lets Shoppers Interact with Digital Petals
In collaboration with teamLab, Gucci developed ‘Infinity of Flowers,’ an interactive digital wall that will be part of an in-store display this month. With the interactive floral wall,... MORE
play_circle_filled Touch-Activated Denim Ads
Touch-Activated Denim Ads
Hiut Denim Co.'s Interactive Shop Window Encourages People to Touch
UK’s Hiut Denim Co. brand set up an interactive shop window at a River and Hide store in London, making use of conductive paint to deliver the brand’s story. The interactive ad is made... MORE
play_circle_filled Sound-Producing Posters
Sound-Producing Posters
The Sound of Taste Reacts to a Person's Touch
The Sound of Taste is an interactive poster than plays the chords of a piano as people run their fingers over the design. The illustration looks like a number of long tongues or tentacles, each... MORE
play_circle_filled Cheesy Museum Pop-Ups
Cheesy Museum Pop-Ups
Castello's Pop-Up Cheese Tasting Appeals to Multiple Senses
Rather than hosting a cheese tasting at a local grocery store, Castello Cheese took over Grand Central Station for a few days in order to set up a pop-up museum. Although museums are usually... MORE
play_circle_filled Interactive Shadow Booths
Interactive Shadow Booths
K&H's Interactive Mobile Ad Stages a Phone-Activated Shadow Play
Hungary’s K&H Bank frequently uses a number of ads inspired by shadow theater, but with this interactive mobile ad, consumers have the change to become part of the play, rather than just a... MORE

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Related Examples

play_circle_filled Affirming Interactive Mirrors
Affirming Interactive Mirrors
The Band The Mrs. is About Empowering Women in How They Look
play_circle_filled Interactive Lemon Fridges
Interactive Lemon Fridges
Nestea's Interactive Marketing Campaign Requires Action to Open a Fridge
Illusory Kitchen Ads
Illusory Kitchen Ads
This Creative Newspaper Advertisement Hides a Kitchen in Text Blocks
Spontaneous Picnic Services
Spontaneous Picnic Services
Lay's Partners with Uber for a Potato Chip Delivery Promotion in NYC
Fairytale Cheese Packaging
Fairytale Cheese Packaging
Cheese Fables' Cheese Packaging Design is Inspired by a Classic Story
play_circle_filled Digital Currency ATMs
Digital Currency ATMs
The Bitcoin ATM Machines Offers Consumers an Alternative Currency Format
play_circle_filled Anime Banking Campaigns
Anime Banking Campaigns
Okinawa’s Bank of the Ryukyus Bank Ad Campaign Stars Colorful Characters
Poutine-Eating Contests
Poutine-Eating Contests
This Poutine-Eating Contest Was Sponsored By Smoke's Poutinerie
Mock Application Ads
Mock Application Ads
FirstBank's App Ads Show Analog Versions of Twitter, Facebook & Angry Birds
Comforting Chip Flavors
Comforting Chip Flavors
One of This Year's Finalists for Lay's Do Us a Flavor is a Bacon Macaroni
Nacho Taco Kits
Nacho Taco Kits
This Old El Paso Taco Kit Features a Cheesy Orange Dorito-Like Taco
Indulgent Dessert Yogurts
Indulgent Dessert Yogurts
The Dannon Creamery Dairy Desserts Take Inspiration from Cheesecakes
Frozen Restaurant Chain Meals
Frozen Restaurant Chain Meals
Chili's Now Has a Line of At-Home Frozen Fast Food
Financial Fitness Incentives
Financial Fitness Incentives
Alfa-Bank Promotes Health and Wealth with its Fitness Banking System
International Donuts
International Donuts
Krispy Kreme's World Cup Dessert Donuts Celebrate Six Countries
Illusively Interactive Wall Art
Illusively Interactive Wall Art
Brain Mash's 3D Wall Paintings Look like Pop-Up Decals
Dialogue-Provoking Installations
Dialogue-Provoking Installations
The Conversation Wall Allows You to Put Your Two Cents In
Scrumptious Corn Recipe Infographics
Scrumptious Corn Recipe Infographics
This Corn on the Cob Infographic Will Make Your Mouth Water
Interactive Outfit Rating Ads
Interactive Outfit Rating Ads
A.S. Colour's Interactive Retail Window Rates Outfit Colors
play_circle_filled Cross-Cultural Snack Ads
Cross-Cultural Snack Ads
A Bollywood Dance Cheerfully Promotes Sanko Seika's Japanese Crackers
play_circle_filled Steamy Cereal Commercials
Steamy Cereal Commercials
The Suggestive Kellogg's Crunchy Nut Ads Channel Late Night Chat Lines
Mom-Appreciating Auto Ads
Mom-Appreciating Auto Ads
The Nissan Happy Surprise Commercial Has a Boy Creatively Thank Mom
play_circle_filled Tearjerker Insurance Ads
Tearjerker Insurance Ads
This Thai Life Insurance Commercial Stars an Unsung Hero
Interactive Scholarly Assignment Projectors
Interactive Scholarly Assignment Projectors
This Interactive Wall Saves Students Work Forever
play_circle_filled Dramatic Mortgage Trailers
Dramatic Mortgage Trailers
The Mortgage Drama by RBC Has High Production Value
App-Detecting Bank Campaigns
App-Detecting Bank Campaigns
Garanti Bank Used Code to Hypertarget Mobile Campaigns
play_circle_filled Exploding Musical Food Ads
Exploding Musical Food Ads
Schwartz and Grey London Get Wild with Its Sound of Taste Ad
Interactive Fairy Tale Windows
Interactive Fairy Tale Windows
Galeries Lafayette's Holiday Window Display Retells a Classic Story
Senior Simulation Suits
Senior Simulation Suits
Barclay's Elderly Alien Nation Suit Helps to Improve Its Banking Services
Innovative Interactive Windows
Innovative Interactive Windows
The Clear Window Concept Greatly Enhances Your Indoor Environment
play_circle_filled Social Media-Controlled Tennis
Social Media-Controlled Tennis
The 'Tweet & Shoot' Campaign Lets Fans Lob Balls Using Twitter
Fashionably Crowned Celeb Ads
Fashionably Crowned Celeb Ads
The Sunday Times Style Best Dressed List Campaign is Aristocratic
Fragmented Fashion Facades
Fragmented Fashion Facades
The Issey Miyake Bao Bao Store Boasts Intergalactic Shop Merchandising
Interactive Wall Demolition Campaigns
Interactive Wall Demolition Campaigns
The Windows 8 'Live Tile Experiment' Literally Breaks Walls
Touchscreen Storefronts
Touchscreen Storefronts
The Starbucks Interactive Window Display Turns Heads
Interactive Window Shopping
Interactive Window Shopping
Hi-tech Interactive Window Displays Will Change the Future of Retail
play_circle_filled Interactive Window Displays
Interactive Window Displays
The Hyper Island WeSC Ad Seems From the Future
play_circle_filled Devilish Couture Ads
Devilish Couture Ads
The Dior 'Lady Grey London' Campaign Video is Spellbinding
play_circle_filled Interactive Wall Paintings
Interactive Wall Paintings
The 'Let's Colour Project' Features Live Paint Performances
Boxy Interactive Walls
Boxy Interactive Walls
The Balestra Berlin Kubik Installation is Stacked-Up Water Tanks
User-Friendly Wallpaper
User-Friendly Wallpaper
Living Wall is an Interactive Wallpaper Installation
Living Wallpaper
Living Wallpaper
Wake-Up Wall Brings Life to Otherwise Dull Home Decor
play_circle_filled Advertising from Space
Advertising from Space
Toshiba is 'Leading Innovation' by Sending a Chair to Space
play_circle_filled Gesture Based Window Shopping
Gesture Based Window Shopping
Orange's No-Touch Interactive Shop Window