The Conversation Wall Allows You to Put Your Two Cents In

 - May 7, 2014
References: dailytouslesjours
Designed for the unveiling of Umpqua Bank's South Lake Union Store, The Conversation Wall is a temporary installation that is meant to encourage a dialogue between members of the local community.

The South Lake Union community is still in its early stages of development, making it a hard audience to engage in conversation. However, The Conversation Wall allows citizens the opportunity to vocalize what is important to them. Indeed, these conversations play an integral role in informing our economy.

The installation features an illuminated sign that reads "We want to have a conversation about ______." Participants are invited to complete the phrase via text message submission. The submissions are filtered through categories in order to keep the topics applicable to the theme of how banking intersects with daily life. Everyone's contribution is publicly displayed, encouraging passers-by to enter the dialogue.