Nestea's Interactive Marketing Campaign Requires Action to Open a Fridge

 - Sep 23, 2014
References: advertolog & adeevee
As part of an interactive marketing campaign for the summer, Nestea Taiwan set up a 'Big Lemon Refrigerator' on the beach. In order to get the fridge to open and share the refreshing drinks it keeps inside, beachgoers had to perform some kind of action before the fridge.

Standing in front of the fridge waiting for it to open would result in the fridge releasing a blast of water onto those standing before it. The mysterious fridge didn't seem to give out any specific instructions, but once people seemed to catch on to this idea, simple actions like snapping fingers or clapping hands were enough to activate the fridge. It seems that repeat actions were discouraged, which challenged people to get creative with their actions in order to appease the fridge.