The Bitcoin ATM Machines Offers Consumers an Alternative Currency Format

 - Aug 14, 2014
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Bitcoin is the first ATM machine of its kind that offers consumers a chance to use an alternative source of currency that isn't standardized money. Instead Bitcoin offers a radical digital form of currency that is set to revolutionize the way consumers shop and purchase goods.

Essentially Bitcoin is a open network that encourages what the company refers to as "instant peer-to-peer transactions." In that sense, any consumer anywhere in the world is able to make payments with little to no processing costs. That's because Bitcoin operates through a ownerless marketing dynamic in which everyone has the opportunity to take part in. Recently teaming up with CAVIRTEX, Bitcoin has opened up six new BTM -- Bitcoin ATM machines -- for consumers to test out in the Greater Toronto area with several more locations across Canada. The open-source platform of Bitcoin is set to revolutionize the banking industry as we know it.