Alfa-Bank Promotes Health and Wealth with its Fitness Banking System

 - May 27, 2014
References: alfabank & designtaxi
A bank in Russia called Alfa-Bank is giving its customers a reason to stay fit through a fitness banking system called Alpha Activity. Using fitness trackers, like RunKeeper and Fitbit, the system is essentially an online platform that monitors customers’ movements. Depending on how much movement is made each day, small amounts of money is transferred into the user's special savings account.

It is averaged that people need to makes at least 10,000 steps a day in order to remain healthy, but unfortunately due to the work-oriented lifestyle modern society leads, fitness falls to the bottom of people's priority lists. Alfa-Bank wanted to show its customers that it cares for their quality of life by providing the financial incentive. According to the company, its clients using the system save twice as much as those who are not.