Orange's No-Touch Interactive Shop Window

 - Jan 21, 2008
References: thealternative & orange
Orange has launched an amazing new interactive window campaign featuring what at first appears to be a touch-screen interface, but is in fact a NO touch interactive shop window. Instead of requiring touch to activate the display, users need only wave their hands in what's being called "gesture based technology."

It was developed by The Alternative, an Engagement and Creative Agency to encourage passersby on London' Carnaby Street to engage with the Orange brand, a mobile phone company. The installation in the retail store window features a large screen with projected images and utilizes cutting edge motion capture technology.

"This really is the next generation of the user interface," said Gavin Martin, Creative Director of The Alternative. "We wanted to throw out all the traditional ways if interacting with technology and start from scratch. We created this with the needs of humans in mind, not computers. Many people find it hard to imagine but a few people have referenced the film 'Minority Report', with the exception that with our interface you don't need a 'magic glove', or indeed a controlled environment to use this."

As the video shows, each person passing by can become a piece of the uber modern street art.

"The interactive is just as much fun when you watch others use it as it is to play with yourself. Because it requires movement is very intuitive, it's great fun. Tests have shown that we can now make a playful child out of any grown adult in a matter of seconds!" Gavin said.

If you haven't already, check out the video!