From Off-Grid Camper Vans to Urbanized Electric Motorcycles

 - Oct 29, 2017
It's fair to say that, objectively and unequivocally, the 2011 feature film 'Drive' marked the genesis of driving culture both in North America and around the world, and the October 2017 auto trends only serve to back up that point. Embracing Nicholas Winding Refn's neon noir style, the trends listed here — both autoparts and the cars themselves — show off a grisly style that's a product of cars' original impetus for popularity.

Many people drive as part of their commute, which takes some of the fun out of the activity, so it's easy to forget that driving can be a hobby and pastime as well. Brands haven't forgotten, though, and there are plenty of modern vehicles that cater to hobbyist drivers. For example, the Winnebago Revel is a new camper van that operates fully off the grid, allowing drivers to spend more time on the open road and less time cooped up at home.