This Innovative Electric Car Lets Drivers Ignore Their Brake Pedal

Japanese automaker Nissan has gone ahead and unveiled one of the most innovative electric cars ever created, the highly-anticipated Nissan Leaf, and in doing so is showing that it's planning to completely revolutionize the driving experience.

The most incredible feature of the Nissan Leaf is its e-Pedal system, which allows the driver to essentially brake the car without hitting the brake pedal. In other words, when the driver takes their foot off the gas pedal, the car brakes automatically. While there is still a separate braking pedal available, Nissan estimates that drivers can ignore it about 90 percent of the time.

This innovative electric car clearly respects the wish of modern drivers to enjoy a driving experience that is less physically involved, and the inclusion of cutting-edge e-Pedal technology allows just that, promising a driving experience that is more enjoyable without sacrificing safety.