The Audi Elaine Can Drive Itself to Parking Spots Without Your Help

 - Sep 15, 2017
References: audi-mediacenter & autoblog
The Audi Elaine is an innovative and highly futuristic concept self-driving SUV, currently on display at the Frankfurt Motor Show, that is designed to quickly and seamlessly switch between self-driving and manual driving modes.

What makes this vehicle stand out among the other concept self-driving SUVs and cars out there is the sheer flexibility and intelligence of its artificial intelligence assistant. Indeed the Audi Elaine is capable of driving itself to parking spots, charging stations and car wash facilities by itself, and can come back and pick up its driver when it's time to get going. The vehicle can also do things like offer entertainment options or maintain a safe distance with nearby vehicles.

The concept of self-driving vehicles is understandably disconcerting to many, but with high-tech and pro-active safety features in place, the Audi Elaine SUV concept aims to assuage those concerns and make the idea of a self-driving vehicle more relatable.