This AI-Infused Car System Offers Distracted Driver Detection

 - Sep 13, 2017
References: uwaterloo & digitaltrends
Many drivers continue to put themselves and others at risk despite the numerous laws in place to eliminate the dangerous act of texting and driving, so the University of Waterloo has come up with a method of distracted driver detection in the form of an artificially infused car system.

The system combines cameras and AI to determine when drivers are engaging in dangerous behaviors. Using an intelligent ranking system, the car's AI will conclude various threat levels, intervening when deemed necessary. For example, texting on a busy highway would rank as a high threat, while turning on the air conditioning on a deserted side road wouldn't register as a danger.

If dangerous behavior is detected, the system will amend the issue by alerting the driver of the behavior, even going as far as controlling the car autonomously.