This Slide-Out Kitchen is Designed For Camping and Tailgating

German company VanEssa has taken it upon itself to make the age-old and hugely enjoyable tradition of tailgating at sporting events easier than ever with the introduction of a slide-out kitchen accessory that can easily be attached to the Volkswagen Amarok pick-up truck.

In addition to tailgating, this slide-out kitchen is a godsend for camping trips, because it gives you a countertop, sink, refrigerator and the option of a stove, all neatly hidden inside your vehicle when it's not being used.

Tailgating parties are all about timing, because you want to get your food and beverages ready early enough so that you have enough time to enjoy the game or event later on. VanEssa's slide-out kitchen helps in this regard because it's so utterly simple to deploy that it allows you to get your prep work started promptly, without taking the fun out of the process.