Unique Over Tradition

Today’s brides and grooms want a customized experience

Implications – Today’s couples are no longer satisfied with the old way of doing things – and that includes their weddings. Once steeped in tradition, modern weddings are all about personalization and unique experiences as more and more couples begin looking to fresh, one-of-a-kind ways to tie the knot.
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Swarovski Cake Jewels
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Swarovski Cake Jewels
Now you can get Swarovski crystals as the accents for your wedding cake. It seems to me that Swarovski crystals are everywhere. On that note, I'm still amazed with the Giant Madagascar Hissing Cockroach… [More]
Inflatable Church - Make Your Wedding Cheesy
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Inflatable Church
Make Your Wedding Cheesy
Getting married outdoors has been fraught with perilous weather like wind and rain since time began. That's why it's about time someone came up with the uber-cool and very helpful, inflatable church. You've… [More]
Fingerprint Wedding Rings
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Fingerprint Wedding Rings
Andrew English (contemporary jeweler) has singlehandedly extended wedding by enabling married couples to carry their loved one's fingerprint. That's right, he has created a technique that decorates wedding… [More]
Unwedding Rings - Stop Asking the Question!
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Unwedding Rings
Stop Asking the Question!
With the Unwedding Ring you can get people to finally stop asking when you'll be asked the question! It's perfect for those who oppose marriage or just like taking their time. [More]
It's A Nice Day For A Green Wedding
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It's A Nice Day For A Green Wedding
A growing number of eco-savvy brides and grooms are planning weddings that are eco-friendly… in line with their lifestyles, values and beliefs. This trend is being revealed in all aspects of today’s… [More]
Say "I Love You" By Swallowing Gold
SCORE: 3.9
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Say "I Love You" By Swallowing Gold
Ted Noten has been featured a couple of other times on this blog for his humorous conceptual products, so when I saw his latest creation on NOTCOT, wedding pills, I knew I had to include these objects.… [More]
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