Boring Reborn

Evolving beyond weather protection, hip umbrellas illustrate that boring staples ca

Implications - You’ll never forget to bring your umbrella again … especially when you have one that can predict the weather, play music or display digital photos.

These umbrellas demonstrate how everyday objects found in nearly every household can be turned into something that adds extra value, like providing information or entertainment.

There’s huge potential for umbrellas to be used as advertising mediums, particularly when they’re enhanced with eye-catching technologies. In regions where there’s a defined rainy season, you can get a lot of mileage out of “umbrellads”.
SCORE: 4.4
Warm Top 6 Examples: 70,809 Total Clicks May 06 - Nov 07
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My Day Electronic Paper Umbrella
SCORE: 5.4
V. Hot 24,456 Clicks Pub: May 10, 06
My Day Electronic Paper Umbrella
Designed by Hsiao Yong-li, the My Day Electronic Paper Umbrella allows you to select which image you want to project / display on the surface. Use one of the six themes provided or download different… [More]
Umbrella Photo Browser
SCORE: 5.4
V. Hot 14,965 Clicks Pub: Sep 23, 06
Umbrella Photo Browser
The Pileus System is an umbrella with a projector and a little wireless computer so you can browse through photos on Flickr, videos on YouTube, etc. "The Pileus System is a mobile tangible browser to… [More]
Bumperella - Non Lethal Umbrella
SCORE: 5.9
V. Hot 12,860 Clicks Pub: Jun 16, 06
Non Lethal Umbrella
Stop poking out other people's eyes! That's the goal of the innovative Bumperella concept from RKS Design. Interesting, but I would rather make sure OTHER people have a Bumperella... "The concept for… [More]
Umbrella Predicts Rain - Ambient Umbrella Gives 12 Hour Warning
SCORE: 3.4
Warm 6,942 Clicks Pub: Jul 30, 07
Umbrella Predicts Rain
Ambient Umbrella Gives 12 Hour Warning
This umbrella will tell you when it's going to rain. The Ambient Umbrella receives weather statistics from The handle illuminates 12 hours prior to expected rain, enough time for… [More]
Light Saber Umbrella - LED and Rain Protector Together at Last
SCORE: 3.6
Mild 5,523 Clicks Pub: Feb 25, 07
Light Saber Umbrella
LED and Rain Protector Together at Last
The light saber umberlla is trendy waterproof rain gear mixed with illuminating LED flashlight in multi-colored handle. You'll be invincible in the rain walking as a Jedi. [More]
Music in the Rain - DAP Umbrella
SCORE: 2.6
Mild 6,063 Clicks Pub: Jan 11, 07
Music in the Rain
DAP Umbrella
The DAP umbrella is an umbrella with embeded speakers so you can listen to your music in the rain. The only problem with listening to portable music is the fact I am completely oblivious to the rest of… [More]
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