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Join leading brands who rely on the #1 largest, most-powerful trend platform to inspire innovation & enhance insight while saving time, effort & money.
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Here's why HALF of the world's most powerful brands now rely on us...

1. Smarter Insight - Instead of relying on an old school guru or gut instinct, leverage the collective insight of 130,000,000 people, 175,000 contributors and smarter, most-predictive insight to make better decisions, validate assumptions and win more.

2. Faster Research - We'll deliver 300+ examples and 75 page deep dives in as little as 24-hours, bringing you up to speed fast, for better projects, meetings and inspiration.

3. Deeper Content - With 300,000 articles, we have 25x more content than our closest competitor. Plus, your team can track 10,000+ topics custom versions of the #1 platform.

4. Innovation Expertise - Ignite innovation with our keynotes, workshops, Future Festival and New York Times Bestselling / award-winning methods.

5. Saved Time, Effort & Money - Our crowdsourced, crowd-filtered model removes 95% of the time &costs of custom research, so you save on insight that is better & faster.


For context, Trend Hunter is the world's #1 largest, most-popular, trend platform

trend report client kelloggs "We love the new Trend Platform. We believe it's awesome. It's a great way to look at what consumers are looking for in the future and we invite you to use it!" - Sr. Insights and Planning Manager
Largest Trend Spotting Service

We'll help you find BETTER ideas, FASTER, while saving time, effort & money

research client unilever "Trend Hunter is a great resource because its all about simplifying the chaos. There's a lot in this world and we hear about trends a lot and Trend Hunter helps us simplify and make it a lot more palpable."
- Consumer & Marketing Insight Manager
Custom Trend Reports

Imagine 175,000 people hunting ideas for you & a 130,000,000 person focus group

trend report client samsung "I don't need to spend hours searching in Google anymore. Trend Hunter has a lot of insight that I wasn't able to find anywhere else!" - Sr. Designer
Dedicated Trend Researchers

The result: we removed 95% of the steps & costs of research, while enhancing insight

trend report client abinbev “Trend Hunter Advisory is key, because it opens your eyes. Take 20 minutes, go in another room and look at what's happening in the world, look at what Trend Hunter is feeding you, because that's going to be the most important 20 minutes of your week." - Global Head of Innovation
Tailored Reports

Every month, your advisor will prepare custom reports for your latest project

1. Inspire New Products & Services - Get custom reports on your topics
2. Predict, Monitor & Validate - Dive into consumer insights in your specific niche
3. Track Key Segments - Monitor markets, competitors, opportunities & threats
4. Improve Projects - Enhance pitches, campaigns, launches and specific tactics
5. Save Time, Effort & Money - Get inspiring, visual presentations for your meetings
Custom Research Advisors

You'll get highly customized deep dives, quickly, so you'll never miss a critical idea

trend report client Adidas “The custom reports really speak out to us. There is a lot of information out there, but filtering is really difficult. What makes the difference is having somebody who begins to understand what we are doing, who can really help with that curation... a great resource." - Creative Director
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Tailored Reports

Your whole team will get a custom, unlimited version of the #1 trend platform

1. The #1 Trend Database - 300,000 articles and powerful tools, updated hourly
2. Full TrendReports.com Library - 80+ categories / 5,000 pages of premium trend reports
3. Individually Customizable - 10,000 trackable topics, special filters and customization
4. eLearning - 3,000 eLearning videos and our award-winning trend frameworks
5. Custom Newsletters - Track your topics & keep your team connected to custom research
trend report client dominoes "I use the Trend Hunter Platform all the time. I really appreciate everything Trend Hunter does. I love the PRO Trends and it makes our jobs a lot easier." - Strategy & Insight Associate
Custom Research Platform

Plus, we'll boost your capabilities with award-winning, NYT Bestselling methods

panasonic research "A love potion for relentlessly creative souls looking to break boundaries, ignite customer passion and start a revolution." - Kevin Roberts, Worldwide CEO
Exploiting Chaos Better and Faster (NEW!)
Award-Winning Researchers

We'll bring trends to life with workshops & 'the top trend-spotter in the world'

sun newspaper "Gutsche is one of the most sought-after keynote speakers on the planet, well-regarded as the top trend-spotter in the world... The most energizing, inspiring and applicable piece of stand-up I have ever seen. And I've heard Bill Clinton... Bill Gates... and Tony Robbins." - The Sun Newspaper
Topics, Videos & Awards
Innovation Keynote Speaker

And you'll join the world's top innovators to prototype your future at the #1 trend event

trend report client aflac "Undoubtedly the most meaningful conference I've ever attended."
Vice President, Sales Strategy, Aflac
trend report client honda "The best event I've ever attended, and we go to Motorcycle Races" - Honda R&D
* 98% plan to return & 76% rated it the BEST business event they've ever attended. Festival Website
Future Festival Innovation Conference

Schedule a free topics call and we'll figure out how we can help you

panasonic research "Traditionally we were only doing research in our category. Now, our Trend Hunter advisor does great custom reports showing us inspiring new trends [that impact us]... and what's going on in the world."
- Manager, Product Planning and Strategy
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