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Learn how Samsung, Adidas and Nestle accelerate research with our custom research, workshops and the #1 trend platform

Find Better Ideas Faster with data-driven, cost-effective research that is fast and highly customized. With a dedicated advisor, 160,000 people hunting ideas for you and our 100,000,000 person virtual focus group, you will dramatically enhance insight while extracting costs.
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Here's why more than HALF of the world's most powerful brands switched to our unrivaled service:

BE SMARTER - Instead of relying on some guru's gut instinct, we leverage 150,000 contributors and billions of views of big data to bring you certainty and predictability.
ACT FASTER - We'll deliver 300+ examples and 50-100 pages of custom research in as little as 24-hours, bringing you up to speed fast.
DIVE DEEPER - With 300,000 articles we have 25x more content than our closest competitor. Plus, we're the only company capable of testing insight with our 100,000,000 person audience, roughly 1 in 50 people on the planet.
SAVE EFFORT (& MONEY) - Our crowdsourced, crowd-filtered business model allows us to extract roughly 90% of the costs and steps from the traditional research. Plus, our business is funded by our media success, with over a billion ad impressions per year, so you save money on research that is better and faster.

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1. Every month, we'll prepare custom reports for your projects

Top-tier innovators like Intel and Adidas rely us because we've created the world's most powerful trend platform to filter chaos into opportunity. We'll make you BETTER with data-driven insight and FASTER with ongoing, highly customized research.
Custom Trend Reports

2. You'll be more insightful with the #1 largest, most-powerful trend platform

We've exploded in our growth, becoming advisors to places like CNN and The New York Times, because we're driven by the next-generation of consumer insight.
trend report client kelloggs "We love the new Trend Platform. We believe it's awesome. It's a great way to look at what consumers are looking for in the future... use it!“
Largest Trend Spotting Service

3. Most people lose time scouring for insight and connecting the dots

We're experiencing history's highest period of change, which makes it difficult to stay on top of all the new insights that could impact your project. We want to free your time for higher-level thinking.
Custom Trend Reports

4. You'll get 160,000 people hunting ideas for you + a dedicated advisor

Instead of relying on gut instinct, imagine eight hockey arenas full of experts hunting for you, finding 5,000 new ideas a month, filtered with a 100,000,000 person focus group and your own dedicated advisor.
trend report client samsung "I don't need to spend hours searching in Google anymore. Trend Hunter has a lot of insight that I wasn't able to find anywhere else!"
Dedicated Trend Researchers

5. Save time & effort as your advisor customizes reports on your topics

You'll work directly with our award-winning research team, including a dedicated research expert, and Shelby Walsh, our President, called one of "the Smartest Young Thinkers in Marketing." (Marketing Magazine)
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6. You'll be incredibly cost-effective with custom reports under $1k

For an unbeatable price, you'll get high level opportunities, focused market research and case studies to help you up your game. You'll get customized monthly reports on specific topics, new marketing strategies, or expansion opportunities. Imagine you were our customer at Kellogg's or Nestle and you wanted 'Chocolate Ideas for 7-12 Year Old Girls.' In as little as 24-hours, we'd deliver a 70 page report with 10 themes and 430 hyper-linked examples.
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Tailored Reports

7. Rapid ongoing research will become your new "capability"

Instead of taking months to perform custom research, we have dramatically accelerated the research process while extracting costs. This will revolutionize how often you're able to leverage custom research.
trend report client abinbev “Trend Hunter Advisory is key, because it opens your eyes. Take 20 minutes, go in another room and look at what's happening in the world, look at what Trend Hunter is feeding you, because that's going to be the most important 20 minutes of your week." - Global Head of Innovation
Tailored Reports

8. We'll help you bring trends to life with with in-office presentations

Each month, your advisor will help you dive deeper and deeper into key insights, leading you to new opportunity. Then, once a quarter, we can come present to bring trends to life, inspire your team and to help you make new ideas actually happen.
Tailored Reports

9. Your whole team will get a custom version of the #1 trend platform

Find Better Ideas, Faster™ with a custom, branded version of the world's most-powerful trend report platform. Top brands used to buy our custom platform for $24k per year. To disrupt our competitors, you'll get a custom platform included free. You'll get unlimited access, unlimited users, and 300,000 trend-based examples, updated hourly. One of our clients has 6,000 members, fully supported by our team.
trend report client dominoes "I use the Trend Hunter Platform all the time. I really appreciate everything Trend Hunter does. I love the PRO Trends and it makes our jobs a lot easier."
Custom Research Platform

10. And you'll be part of the world's best trend event, Future Festival

Future Festival is epic. 98% of attendees plan on attending next year and 76% rated Future Festival the BEST business event they've ever attended. Year 2 promises to be even more exciting. In short, the festival is a combination of trend safaris, futuristic experiences, innovation keynotes, trends and workshops designed to inspire you while leading to specific, tangible ideas. (and it's vendor free!)
Festival Website
Future Festival Innovation Conference

+ Learn our award-winning, New York Times Bestselling frameworks

Find Better Ideas Faster with our New York Times Bestselling book, "Better and Faster" plus our award-winning book, "Exploiting Chaos - 150 Ways to Spark Innovation During Times of Change." As well, you'll get 3,000 innovation videos organized into 100+ courses.
Exploiting Chaos Better and Faster (NEW!)
Award-Winning Researchers

Need more? Reinvent with "The Top Trend Spotter in the World"

Before Trend Hunter, our CEO grew a $1 billion business for a bank, based on innovation and analytics. Today, he is an award-winning author and an advisor to 400 brands, billionaires and CEOs, including: Victoria's Secret, Coca-Cola, Sony, IBM, Microsoft. and NASA. Described as, "one of the most sought-after keynote speakers on the planet, well-regarded as the top trend-spotter in the world." (Sun Media)

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Custom Trend Reports

Schedule a free topics call and we'll figure out how we can help you

If you want to achieve more and maximize your team's full potential, let's have a quick chat. We can use the time to scope potential topics and come back to you with different types of reports and deep dives we could do to help your team win.

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* Billed Annually - All plans include the $15k custom dashboard included FREE, and are billed annually so that we can allocate a dedicated advisor.
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