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Custom Research Platform

1. Inspire Your Big Idea - Explore 300,000 innovations w/ powerful tools, updated hourly

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3. Unlock Premium Insights - Access our most-coveted insights: the 5,000 Consumer Insights

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Trend Dashboard Research Platform
Learn how top innovators like Nestle,
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Get specialized access to 300,000 trend-based innovations, updated hourly

#1 Trend Database

CUSTOMIZABLE - Stay on top of key markets, competitors, opportunities and threats

POWERFUL FILTERS - Quickly find what you need with pro modes & demographic filters

ENTERPRISE READY - Integrate into your corporate intranet, with custom logos and branding

BREADTH & DEPTH - Get 175,000 trend spotters hunting for you from 190 countries, resulting in the largest database of ideas and concepts 'just right' for you

DATA-DRIVEN - We've measured the choices and behavior of 140,000,000 people -- billions of data points to quantify consumer interest for every example

Unlock 5,000 premium Consumer Insights, our most-predictive, data-driven, kernels of wisdom

Trend Reports and Consumer Insight
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- Strategy & Insight Associate
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Sharpen your skills with 3,000 eLearning videos, courses and innovation lessons

Trend Hunter Innovation Courses

AWARD-WINNING FRAMEWORKS - Kick-start innovation with our award-winning, NY Times Bestselling frameworks, templates and our best innovation books

TREND HUNTER KEYNOTES - Join 4,500,000 watching our innovation keynote speaker videos with follow-up resources, methods and templates

3,000 INNOVATION VIDEOS - Educate your team with our collection of the most inspiring innovation videos -- categorized, scored, and organized into courses

Optionally unlock 80+ categories of 2017 Trend Reports and PowerPoint Presentations

Custom Trend Reports and Market Research

MULTIPLE PRESENTATION STYLES - Devour your inspiration with 3 formats, ranging from meeting-ready PowerPoint Presentations to in-depth Reading Reports.

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