Rental Culture

From designer bags to celebs, the list of "rentables" is expanding exponentially

Implications - The vast quantity of temporary ownership services reflects the growing reluctance to commit to products, services and relationships. If items, particularly more costly ones, come with an option to rent, their appeal rises dramatically. Many companies offering payments in smaller denominations ultimately gain superfluous income.
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ZipCars - Rent by the Hour - Parking, Gas & Insurance Included
SCORE: 6.8
Viral 17,332 Clicks Pub: Jul 6, 06
Rent by the Hour - Parking, Gas & Insurance Included
With rental cars scattered in parking lots throughout the city, ZipCar is a COOL company that is redefining how you rent a car. Unlike a rental car company, you phone (or use the web), choose a parking… [More]
Rent-A-Star - Celebs For Hire
SCORE: 4.9
V. Hot 49,211 Clicks Pub: Sep 9, 07
Celebs For Hire
There would be nothing more 'hot' than getting Paris Hilton to attend your daughter’s Sweet 16 party. If you’ve always wanted to hang out with your favourite celeb, and you have the funds, why not rent… [More]
Rent a Wife - Finally There's Hope
SCORE: 6.4
V. Hot 13,418 Clicks Pub: Apr 8, 07
Rent a Wife
Finally There's Hope
Rent vs. Own. Always a difficult decision. Can I offend you more? In Belgium, you can rent a wife at Ironically, the 'Christian Website Network' launched long ago, but they… [More]
The Rise of Rented Luxury
SCORE: 3.9
Warm 4,951 Clicks Pub: Sep 14, 06
The Rise of Rented Luxury
I am pretty excited to see the rise of rented luxury emerging as a trend. Why? Because Trend Hunter first started covering the trend early in the year. Check out our article on Designer Handbags for… [More]
Rent a Garden
SCORE: 4.2
Warm 7,603 Clicks Pub: Nov 8, 06
Rent a Garden
Rent-a-Garden is a Dutch company that will give you a quick fix of green to makeover your terrace or yard. You can rent sculptures, potted plants, or a whole theme. Typical rentals last for 3 months,… [More] - A Place Where You Can 'rent' a Friend
SCORE: 3.5
Warm 5,120 Clicks Pub: Mar 1, 07
A Place Where You Can 'rent' a Friend
Everyone knows social networking is like so hot. But what if you're not so hot? What if you sign-up on a social network like with high hopes for instant popularity, and you chat, upload, download… [More]
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