- Nov 25, 2018
Some of the products in the November 2018 food list will have a mouth-watering effect, while others will make one marvel at design-driven approaches to packaging and marketing.

A focus of this list is the preservation of resources and the move to a more mindful, sustainable lifestyle. Toronto-based design agency Bob's Your Uncle partnered with Second Harvest to raise awareness of the careless disposal of food. Advocating against a wasteful, daily occurrence, the companies created the limited edition 'Been a Slice' beer. The product is made from bread that was nearing its 'Best Before' date.

Another highlight of the November 2018 food list is designer Elzelinde Van Doleweerd's recycled, aesthetically pleasing 3D-printed dishes. The 'Upprinting Food' project boasts "crunchy, cracker-like samples" made from rice and purple sweet potatoes.

From CBD-Infused Detox Drinks to Southern-Inspired Milkshakes: