- May 18, 2019
The list of May 2019 shoe ideas is full of captivating and functional designs to welcome the warmer seasons and the activities that come with it. There is also a wide range of collaborative efforts to bring forth new ways of exploring eclectic talents through footwear designs.

One of the standout examples this month is by streetwear imprint Heron Preston and its joint project with Nike. It features a hybrid model that blends the signature Air Max 95 and Air Max 720 in an 'air-wrapped' design. The most notable element of the shoe is that it is completely customizable, encouraging creativity. Nike also introduces a militaristic patchwork design of its Metcon 4 XD sneakers this month. The patchwork designs are playful but also nod to traditional military patches from the army. The structure is multi-functional as well, preparing for sprints, rope climbing, and weight lifting.

From Customizable Bubble-Like Sneakers to Patch-Accented Training Shoes: