From Local Retail Apps to Alabaster Flagship Stores

 - May 17, 2015
The top May 2015 retail ideas showcase how forward-thinking brands are making the traditional the shopping experience more informative, convenient and delightful.

Consumers who prefer service that is quick thanks to streamlined technology and automation will approve of touchscreen stations that let them collect their own coupons, browse new store displays and process payments. Rather than having to deal with a sales clerk, these self-serve stations are more reliable in delivering a consistent result.

From amusement park toy stores to fantastical dairy product displays, retailers are striving to reward shoppers with wonder and whimsy as a treat for visiting a brick-and-mortar location. One of the most extravagant examples of this is a collaboration between Selfridge's and Mexico that will be host to a multi-week fiesta in the store's retail spaces and restaurants.