Shaftsbury Square's Use of iBeacon Tech Also Offers Feedback for Shops

 - Apr 16, 2015
References: forbes & rsmindex
While retail is often one example used when people discuss the applications of iBeacon tech, Shaftsbury Square is a real-life instance of this occurring. The mall in Malaysia installed dozens of beacons, enabling every retailer in the venue to be able to send deals and discounts directly to the smartphones of shoppers.

In addition to customers receiving access instantly to promotions, iBeacon tech also gives stores fast feedback. Tide Analytics Founder Ivan Loh Kah Lun explains that even though cell phone signals are encrypted, they are still able to tell how many people pass by the store compared to the amount that actually go in. He also notes all personal information is safe, as all data is deleted afterwards. "Only summary information is passed on to our clients" he says.