Yogos Markets the Convenience of Its Refreshment Through Bold End Caps

 - Apr 14, 2015
References: behance.net
In-store displays are often regarded as big and bold for the sole purpose of gaining as much attention as possible; enter the Yogos end caps. Complete with a mini fridge to serve cold yogurt drink options, the Yogos display markets the convenience of this on-the-go refreshment in a simple yet clever way. By positioning these particular products on the end of aisles, people can easily grab them as they make their way to check out.

Designed by Leonardo Padilla, who is based in Bogotá, Colombia, the Yogos end caps focus on the bright red of the packaging's aesthetic. This vibrant color stands out easily. Complete with a larger representation of the Yogus drink itself, consumers will not be able to mistake what they are looking at.