This Digital Retail Display Concept is Designed by PERCH Interactive

 - Apr 23, 2015
References: vimeo
Enhanced by modern technology, this nail polish display makes music while giving consumers valuable product info. The retail design concept is conceived by PERCH Interactive and connects consumers with a new beauty range in a sensory way.

Appealing to the human senses, the interactive nail polish display uses music to tell a story. When one selects a color from a vibrant spectrum, that color makes a specific sound, while more than one selection results in a harmonious symphony. As users interact with this modern retail display, they are also given access to product info like pricing and outfit recommendations that match their selected hue.

This digital branding concept was created for the Urban Hues collection by Color Splash cosmetics. Its interactive elements draw consumers in and put them in control while showcasing new products in an experiential way.