These Tasty Brews Take Beer Marketing to a New Level

 - Dec 13, 2011
When one thinks of traditional beer branding, male-centred commercials come to mind. Whether they are based on sports or starring scantily clad models, beer commercial branding can often be stereotypical, consistent and very predictable.

Large corporations and independent brewing companies are taking a more design-savvy approach to branding by focusing on an eye-catching design instead of a witty message. From unconventional flavors like green tea beer to vitamin-enhanced brews, beer companies are using intelligent and artful packaging to sell a new type of beer or to reinvent a cult classic.

These products are both distinctive and memorable, using a different type of brew branding that pushes beer marketing boundaries. Whether inspired by pop culture iconography or art, these imaginative and witty packaging designs aim to sell a product infused with humor and creativity while keeping design consciousness in mind.