Vostok Space Beer is Approved for Outer Space Consumption

 - Apr 13, 2011
References: vostokspacebeer & dvice
Tanked astronauts may become more and more common as Vostok Space Beer has just become the world's first beer deemed suitable for space. The beer was developed by Australian brewer 4-Pines Brewing in partnership with the Saber Astronautics.

What makes the Vostok Space Beer different from its earthly counterparts is that it has a lower carbonation level, which helps lower the chances of space burps. The beer also has an enhanced flavor designed specifically to counteract the swelling of the tongue that occurs in orbit, which reduces taste sensitivity.

The beer has been given the okay by a microgravity expert, but unfortunately all alcohol is banned aboard the International Space Station. If you want to give this outer space brew a try, you can pick up a six-pack for yourself the next time you're in Australia for around $20.