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Auto-Tuned Fame

Audio technologies spur viral false talent phenomenon

Implications - Auto-Tune has revolutionized the music industry. It has transformed wannabe singers into instant superstars while spawning a slew of parodies; it's become the natural next step after reality talent shows. Advocating the idea that anyone can become a singing idol, Auto-Tune actually makes this possible.
8 Featured, 26 Examples:
240,050 Total Clicks
Date Range:
Oct 08 — Oct 09
Consumer Insight Topics:

Featured Examples

play_circle_filled Hip-Hop News Parodies
Hip-Hop News Parodies
‘Auto-Tune the News' Lampoons Carrie Prejean & Other Headlines
While the Web is buzzing about Miss California Carrie Prejean, gay marriage, the legalization of drugs, and global warming, Michael Gregory is making music. His ‘Auto-Tune the News’ segments are absolutely… MORE
Voice Synthesizer Overload
Voice Synthesizer Overload
10 Auto-Tune Abusers
Antares Audio Technologies has created a monster with its ubiquitous Auto-Tune technology. This audio plugin is a pitch correction tool that has been used and abused by modern music acts in every genre.… MORE
On-the-Go Auto-Tune
On-the-Go Auto-Tune
'I am T-Pain' iPhone App Lets Everyone Achieve Star Status
The I Am T-Pain iPhone app might be the best way an iPhone owner can spend $2.99. All you have to do is sing into the microphone, and the I Am T-Pain Auto-Tune technology will make you and your friends… MORE
play_circle_filled Electro Singing Rebellions
Electro Singing Rebellions
Jay-Z Releases 'Death of Autotune'
Jay-Z debuted his new controversial song at the BET Awards on Sunday night. The song, titled ‘Death of Autotune’ (D.O.A) encourages artists to stop their use of voice digitizing and take things back to… MORE
play_circle_filled Auto-Tune Parody Songs
Auto-Tune Parody Songs
Animated Akon Calls T-Pain to Go for Sushi at the Mall
This cartoon music video spoofing auto-tune use among singers uses "actual audio from cellphone conversations between singers Akon and T-Pain," according to the video, as well as featuring a cartoon Snoop… MORE
play_circle_filled Auto-Tune Parodying
Auto-Tune Parodying
Check out the Epic Jimmy Fallon 2009 Emmys Fall
The Jimmy Fallon 2009 Emmys fall will go down in history. Okay fine, it will be laughed at consistently today and for the rest of the week, after which the hilarity will dwindle and be forgotten until… MORE
Screamtastic Music Hybrids
Screamtastic Music Hybrids
Scrunk Music Blends Crunk, Screamo and Auto-Tune
Scrunk, also nicknamed “crunk-core,” is the new breed of music sweeping our youth. It seems like a mad experiment combining screamo, best known for its screaming vocals, and crunk, characterized by its… MORE
play_circle_filled Auto-Tuning Babies
Auto-Tuning Babies
T Pain's Audio Offspring Makes Baby Cries Catchy
Auto-tune the News has gone explosively viral along with other auto-tune loving hits like ‘I’m on a Boat’ featuring T Pain for SNL, the infomercial Slap Chop, etc. This auto-tune diddy is made by… MORE

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Scream(ing) Tributes
Scream(ing) Tributes
Janet Jackson Honors Michael With a Spectacular Performance at the 2009 VMAs
21 Fun Salutes to 'SNL'
21 Fun Salutes to 'SNL'
From Political Parodies to Mother Lovers, 'Saturday Night Live' Rocks
Award Crashers
Award Crashers
Kanye West Ruins Taylor Swift VMA Moment
Military Hip-Hop Parodies
Military Hip-Hop Parodies
US Navy's 'I'm On a Boat' Adds Brass to The Lonely Island's Badass
Teen Star Impersonations
Teen Star Impersonations
Jimmy Fallon as Robert Pattinson Discusses his Bother
Photographic Rage Exposure
Photographic Rage Exposure
Layered Screaming Photos by Darek Fortas Show 2 Sides of a Person
Solar-Powered Spandex
Solar-Powered Spandex
Jimmy Fallon Goes to Comic Con as an Eco-Friendly Superhero
Screaming Ape-arel
Screaming Ape-arel
Christopher Kane's Fierce Angry Gorilla Tees Spark Conversation
Emotionally Exploding Photography
Emotionally Exploding Photography
‘Scream!!' Series by Christoph Martin Schmid
play_circle_filled Remixing Awesome
Remixing Awesome
Bert and Ernie on a Boat
play_circle_filled Viral Pitchmen Remixes
Viral Pitchmen Remixes
Steve Porter's 'Slap Chop' Remix Rocks
play_circle_filled Viral Hip-Hop Parodies
Viral Hip-Hop Parodies
The Lonely Island Teams Up With T-Pain for “I'm On a Boat”
Screaming Fan Suits
Screaming Fan Suits
'Wanting to Be You' Is Fashion For Really Hardcore Fans Only
play_circle_filled Viral Presidential Duets
Viral Presidential Duets
Barry's First Duet With Obama Girl Rocks
Credit Crunched Rappers
Credit Crunched Rappers
Jay-Z's Luxury Building Plans Fall on Jammed Ears
21 Rappervations
21 Rappervations
From Eminem's Charity to Hyphy Juice
Screaming Photography
Screaming Photography
Scream by Ashkan Sahihi
DIY Music Remixes
DIY Music Remixes
Musinaut Customizable MXP4s
Heartbeat Rhythm
Heartbeat Rhythm
Kanye West's Love Lockdown at 2008 MTV Video Music Awards
New Model for Music Sales
New Model for Music Sales
Jay-Z & Live Nation's Roc Nation
play_circle_filled Death of the Dollar
Death of the Dollar
Jay-Z Flashing Euros a Sign of Recession
Wii Phone
Wii Phone
Nintentdo Patents VOIP Phone Concept
Wi-Fi Phone
Wi-Fi Phone
Connect With Skype
Jay-Z Performs 7 Concerts in 7 Cities in 1 Day
Jay-Z Performs 7 Concerts in 7 Cities in 1 Day
Rap Stars as Brand Directors
Rap Stars as Brand Directors
Jay-Z Responsible for Making Bud Select Cool
Snoop Dogg Hot Dogs
Snoop Dogg Hot Dogs