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Shortened Social Standards

Social media has forced businesses to condense messages

Implications - Social networking sites have completely revolutionized the way we interact not only personally, but also on a business level. These outlets have conditioned people to expect information to be delivered quickly and concisely. The more simple and direct messages are, the better they resonate.
6 Featured, 36 Examples:
311,309 Total Clicks
Date Range:
Jan 09 — Oct 09
Consumer Insight Topics:

Featured Examples

Tweet Engagements
Tweet Engagements
See the Impact of Twitter and 140 Characters
Who foresaw the scope of the impact Twitter could have? Maybe this is what Twitter’s creators had in mind. Although, the meaningless tweets may have been a better guess at how the service would be used. MORE
Stop-Motion Magic
Stop-Motion Magic
'Sorry I'm Late' Short Film Documents Fantastical Journey
Stop-motion film making requires a distinct focus for detail and a ton of patience. Tomas Mankovsky’s stop-motion video entitled, “Sorry I’m Late” documents the fantasy-ridden journey of a... MORE
Voicemail-to-Text Conversions
Voicemail-to-Text Conversions
Condensing Long-Winded Audio Into Short, Snappy SMS
In the age of e-mails and instant text messaging, listening to voice mails the old fashioned way can be frustrating. PhoneTag's Voice2Text service saves the day by automatically converting the contents… MORE
Short & Sweet Web Stories
Short & Sweet Web Stories
'One Sentence' Tells True Tales in Few Words Online
Another short-and-sweet posting community similar to our beloved ‘F&%K My Life’ (or FML) and ‘Texts From Last Night’ has evolved. The website is called ‘One Sentence’ and it claims, as the title implies,… MORE
Short Attention Span Marketing
Short Attention Span Marketing
Public Voting, Lottery-Style Prizes and Viral Videos Preserve Buzz
Name the newest Doritos flavor and win $25,000 + 1% of the flavor’s sales. Spend six month on a tropical island and get paid over $100,000 to blog about the experience. These are just some of the large… MORE
Twitterfied Words
Twitterfied Words
'Thsrs' is an Online Thesaurus Perfect For Social Networking Sites
'Thsrs' is no ordinary online thesaurus. With social media sites like Twitter experiencing rapid growth, the search for more concise and succinct words is also growing. Thsrs heeds the call of short-attention… MORE

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Screensaver Feeds
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Social Media Identities
Portwiture Illustrates Your Twitter Personality
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Tweaked-Out Twitter Debuts
Danny DeVito Joins Twitter, Makes Fantastic First Tweet & TwitPic
Twitter Emulators
Twitter Emulators
CtwittLIKE Lets You Step Into Someone Else's (Virtual) Shoes
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User-Suggested Twitter Features
Project Retweet Will Make the RT a Native Feature
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Twitter Secretaries
Twuner Dictates Your Tweets Aloud for Your Listening Pleasure
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Twitter Toys
Application Logo Becomes Ollie the Twitterific Bird Vinyl Toy
Twitter Tutorials
Twitter Tutorials
'Twitter 101' Launches as a Primer for the Suits
Twitter Concierges
Twitter Concierges
Hyatt Extends Hospitality to the Internet With @HyattConcierge
Voicemail as Texts
Voicemail as Texts
'Google Voice' Promises to Change the Mobile Phone Experience
play_circle_filled Textversations
Cingular/AT&T Verbalize Text Talk Between Mother & Daughter
play_circle_filled Typography Auto Ads
Typography Auto Ads
Mercedes-Benz Pre-Safe Brake Warns You Not to Text and Drive
Freeze-Frame Water Art
Freeze-Frame Water Art
Stop-Motion Aerial Water Collisions by Shinichi Maruyama
Drunken Text Sites
Drunken Text Sites Documents Texting Debauchery
Crowdsourced Dictionaries
Crowdsourced Dictionaries
Germany's Duden Dictionary Lets You Add New Words
Books About Microblogging
Books About Microblogging
"My Life in Tweets" Catalogues 4,100 of James Bridle's Twitter Updates
play_circle_filled Stop-Motion Milk Ads
Stop-Motion Milk Ads
Cravendale Dairy Bull is Addicted to Milk
play_circle_filled Sacrificial Junk Food Ads
Sacrificial Junk Food Ads
Doritos 'Tribe' Commercial is Crowdsourced Snacktastic Genius (UPDATE)
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Stop-Motion Animation Effects
Dakota Fanning's Movie ‘Coraline' Uses Dazzling 3D
play_circle_filled Ultra Luxurious Job Offers
Ultra Luxurious Job Offers
Tourism Queensland Offers 'Best Job in the World'
Crowdsourced Complaining
Crowdsourced Complaining
F*MyLife Gives Users a Digital Soapbox
Stop-Motion Tealight Candle Fireworks
Stop-Motion Tealight Candle Fireworks
Electrabel Delight Video to Celebrate New Year's Eve
Stop-Motion Papercraft Storytelling
Stop-Motion Papercraft Storytelling
‘Origami In the Pursuit of Perfection' Shares Hist
SMS Via Email
SMS Via Email
Google Now Lets You Send Text Messages in GMail Chat
Apparel for Word Nerds
Apparel for Word Nerds
The Dictionary Shirt
Needlepoint SMS
Needlepoint SMS
‘Embroidered Text Messages'
Voicemail For Lifestory Memoirs
Voicemail For Lifestory Memoirs
play_circle_filled Talk Like a Pirate Day 2.0
Talk Like a Pirate Day 2.0
ayePhone App Translates Text Messages
play_circle_filled Holographic Text Messages
Holographic Text Messages
Viral Video Previews HoloText iPhone Concept
Mystery Flavors
Mystery Flavors
Doritos: The Quest
Stop-Motion Human Snake
Stop-Motion Human Snake
Nokia N-Gage Ad Uses 1000 People
The Social Dictionary
Send a Musical Voicemail
The Visual Dictionary
The Visual Dictionary
Find Pictures That Show Your Words
New USB Dictionary and Thesaurus
New USB Dictionary and Thesaurus
Visual Thesaurus: Innovative New Tool
Visual Thesaurus: Innovative New Tool