Doritos: The Quest

 - May 14, 2008
References: doritosthequest
Doritos are engaging consumers once again with Mystery flavors. Last year Doritos launched an all black bag named X-13D that tasted like... wait for it... cheeseburger.

Well this year Doritos has a new black mystery bag out called "The Quest".

The package directs consumers to go online if they think they can guess the flavor. The site lets you play a series of puzzles for a chance to win $100,000 in gold (or the cash value).

I say take the gold, it's a better investment. From what I can tell, players have to solve a series of flash puzzles that aren't too difficult. The first three people to solve everything will be sent to a secret city for a live event to compete for the $100,00.

This reminds me "the hunt" that Volvo put out a few years ago. The site is pretty well made and actually pretty entertaining. I was impressed.