'Sorry I'm Late' Short Film Documents Fantastical Journey

 - May 31, 2009
References: gugazine
Stop-motion film making requires a distinct focus for detail and a ton of patience. Tomas Mankovsky’s stop-motion video entitled, "Sorry I’m Late" documents the fantasy-ridden journey of a young man trying to make his way home. 

He is seen riding a bike on a ground made of pillows, swimming with plastic sharks and driving a car held up by a hand. This short stop-motion film is highly entertaining and showcases a lot of skill.

Implications - Thanks to the Internet, one of the most important elements of marketing now is its ability to go viral. A company can capitalize on this fad by investing in marketing that co-opts Internet memes (stop motion, flash mobs, etc) and uses it to create an ad. This connects the company to members of this generation on an emotional level, personalizing their products in the process.