Dakota Fanning's Movie ‘Coraline' Uses Dazzling 3D

 - Feb 8, 2009
References: coraline & wired
Dakota Fanning provides the voice of the title character in 'Coraline,' a dazzling 3D stop-motion animated film that's entirely comprised of handmade scenes and effects. Although you can watch the 'Coraline' trailer above, what's perhaps more interesting than the film itself is how it was made.

In the age of CGI and digital imaging, we're accustomed to seeing movies enhanced with high-powered computer software. Dakota Fanning wasn't even born yet when stop-motion film shorts made the old fashioned way like 'Wallace and Gromit' first came out. For 'Coraline,' the crew made 150 handmade sets, 250 jointed puppets, and a bevy of plants and toys outfitted with moving parts.

The gallery above features some of the highlights of the 'Coraline' set. According to Wired, the hair of Dakota Fanning's character was arranged by hand, and is comprised of wire, synthetic hair, drugstore styling gel, and blue paint. In the second image, you can see a crew member working on one of the quarter-million pieces of popcorn that were transformed into cherry blossoms.